Online Question Bank

Welcome to Nordian Question Bank Resource.

The question bank is useful for you to assess your own level of preparedness for the the theory exams. The questions in the question bank are arranged in relation to the chapters in Nordian books. If you do not have Nordian Books, you may purchase them here.

In order to access the question bank, you will need to register yourself and obtain a Key from Nordian AS. If you are a student at an FTO that already uses Nordian books, please contact your Instructors / CGI for key codes. If you are an independent student who has purchased nordian books, please contact us along with information on details of purchase.

The questions here are in line with the EASA syllabus (Edition 6 of Nordian Books). They cover the following subjects:

  • Air Law and ATC Procedures
  • Airframe and Systems
  • Communications
  • Electrics
  • Flight Planning
  • General Navigation
  • Human Performance and Planning
  • Instrumentation
  • Mass and Balance
  • Meteorology
  • Operational Procedures
  • Performance
  • Power Plant
  • Principles of Flight
  • Radio Navigation